Picture Book Reviews

Siddharth and Rinki   by Addy Farmer


Siddharth has just moved to rainy, dull Britain from the gloriously, colourful India.  He is lonely and finds everything very different.  The only one who understands is his toy elephant Rinki.  Unfortunately, one day Rinki goes missing at school.  Devastated, Siddharth goes home alone. However, every cloud has a silver lining. The next day, Siddharth begins to bond with the other children as they all look for Rinki.  Sometimes the best things happen when we’re at our lowest.

This beautifully illustrated picture book, with illustrations by Karin Littlewood, is full of bright, colourful pictures that bring this story to life.  Very appropriate for our times with so many children relocating to new countries, this story sends a lovely message about friendship and kindness.

5 stars *****

A Bagful of Stars by Addy Farmer


A delightful tale of three friends who set sail for Christmas Island with presents and a bag full of stars to decorate the tree.  Along the way, they meet some fabulous characters who help them when they discover that they’ve lost their stars somewhere on the journey.  With lots of rhyme and repetition, this book is perfect for young readers.  There are also some beautiful illustration by Bridget Strevens to capture the eye of the reader. A very heartwarming tale.

5 stars *****


The Pop Puffin by Jill Atkins


There aren’t many birds as cute and friendly as a Puffin. This story is about an enchanting puffin who is bored and decides to be a pop star. Puffin sets about finding about finding a band to help him make his dream come true.  Will he be able to do it? Will he ever become a pop star?  This book is another offering from Maverick Early Readers Series. It is a charming little story with bright, colourful illustrations designed for readers who are beginning to read on their own.  A great book for instilling a love of reading in young children!


Fuss on the Bus by Heather Pindar


Sid is the school bus driver. He likes things calm and orderly. However, when your passengers are monkeys, camels, ducks and children, things are bound to go wrong! Find out what happens in this adorable offering from the Maverick Early Reader Series.  Eye-catching illustrations and easy read text for developing readers, this book is sure to make kids want to read. Teachers and parents alike will also enjoy Sid’s story.



Rock on Barney  by Jennifer Jones


You really can’t judge a book by its cover. Barney is a buzzard without any friends because all the other birds think he is too fierce. But is he really? He tries to make friends with other birds but they all fly away, leaving Barney very lonely. Everything changes one night when Barney decides to join everyone at the village disco and he reveals a secret talent!

This is a beautifully illustrated picture book that will leave the reader cheering for Barney!  The birds are so life-like they feel like they could fly off the page!  It’s a unique telling of a story that is as old as time–never judge anyone at face value.  This book is guaranteed to be enjoyed by readers for many generations to come.



The Fourth Bonniest Baby in Dundee  by Michelle Sloan & Kasia Matyjaszek


It’s time to enter Baby in the Bonniest Baby in Dundee Contest. Everyone to their stations! Baby is washed, brushed and dressed in his best sailor suit. He’s definitely the bonniest baby in Dundee! However, things don’t always go according to plan.

This is a wonderful little picture book that is sure to tickle your funny bone! I read it to my class and they loved it!  There are colourful illustrations and lots and lots of rhyme to keep young readers entertained and help nurture their developing literacy skills.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good quality picture book. 5 thumbs up!










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