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The Hedgehog Project June 2018


Sometimes inspiration for fantastic projects comes when you least expect it. While reading Alex Sparrow and the Furry Fury by Jennifer Killick to my class, a conversation began about hedgehogs. A hedgehog named Mr. Prickles features in the book so the children’s curiosity got the better of them. After lots of “Miss, can we learn about hedgehogs?” I set about creating a Learning Challenge based on the cute, prickly little creatures . As we were covering diaries in English, I decided that perhaps we could write a diary as a hedgehog. So off to the ICT Suite we went to find out all we could about our little friends. Armed with our research, we set about creating a timeline for a night in the life of a hedgehog that we would use in our writing. After some role play and drama (30 children snuffing around being hedgehogs is hilarious!) the writing the children produced was fantastic! But we didn’t stop there. We wrote poems and created hedgehog themed art too. At the time we were working on our project, there were some very bad wildfires burning on the Saddleworth moors near us. After seeing coverage on the news the children wanted to do something to help hedgehogs that might be in danger. We decided to volunteer to do odd jobs around school in exchange for donations of dog food that we could then donate to our local hedgehog rescue.


We even had some prickly visitors come to school for a visit from Woodlands Animal Sanctuary with the wonderful Liz. We learned all about these adorable little animals and what we could do to help them. In the autumn we will be working with the school caretakers to build hedgehog houses to put in the woods near school and we will also be making some hedgehog snuggle bags to donate to a sanctuary. You can see some of our work and pictures of our visits on our Twitter page MrsWylie’sClass  @twylie68

Please check out Jennifer Killick’s wonderful books Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink. and Alex Sparrow and the Furry Fury.


The Author Wall


This is how it all began; just a few postcards from authors who had featured in #PrimarySchoolBookClub on Twitter.  The children in my class were excited to get some author post all their own and some new books. One of the children said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get 10 postcards before the end of the year?” This was in June with about 6 weeks to go. The more I thought about it, the more I thought “Why not?”  I went on Twitter and put out the first feelers to see if anyone would respond. The response was out of this world! Author post started arriving almost on a daily basis. We received bookmarks, postcards, posters, signed books and much more! The joy on the faces of 30 7 & 8 year olds when the post arrived was overwhelming.  The deal was that for every contribution we got I would buy them a book by the author for our class library.   A group of children who weren’t exactly thrilled to read suddenly turned into voracious readers!  We then started sending book reviews, writing and artwork to authors. The children now think they’re famous! By the end of term, this was our author wall.


It covered an entire wall in the classroom!  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to everyone who contributed. Fortunately my class and I are moving up together and this will be our book corner decor for next year. Since I started this, many other teachers have also started their own author walls. I hope that everyone who does this has the success of bringing reading for pleasure to life that I have had.😀

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