Melt by Ele Fountain

I’m so excited to have been asked to be part of the Blog Tour for the fantastic Melt by Ele Fountain! Thank you Poppy Stimpson from Pushkin Press.

We all know that Global Warming is one of the most important and worrisome issues facing the world today. This has become even more evident during the Pandemic, as people have once again started enjoying nature and taking more notice of the world around them. It’s a theme that is becoming more prevalent in children’s books as well.

Melt is the story of Bea, a young girl who is trying to get to grips with yet another new school and a move to the Arctic, and Yutu, a young boy who lives in a remote, snow-bound village with his elderly grandmother. When fate takes control, Bea and Yutu’s paths cross and a game of survival begins.

Since moving to the Arctic, Bea’s relationship with her father has become strained; his new job at an oil company has taken its toll on him. When he has to fly to the top of the Artic on a job, Bea goes with him in hopes that they can become close again. Unfortunately, what should have been a lovely, happy trip, turns out to be a lot more sinister. Bea’s dad is attacked by some strange men and she is forced to flee for her life. She manages to escape in their plane but later crashes.

Yutu lives with his grandmother who is insistent that he learn the old ways of their ancestors. The survival of their village is being threatened by the changing snow and ice as it melts faster every day. Food supplies are becoming low, as the rely on seals for meat and ice to hunt on. Yutu decides to prove himself by hunting on his own. However, things don’t go to plan as he falls through some thin ice and nearly freezes to death. He manages to escape the water to find shelter in the family hunting hut. This is where Bea finds him as her plane crashes right outside the hut.

Bea and Yutu share their stories with each other and form a friendship that will save them both.

Melt is a fabulous adventure that can be enjoyed by a wide audience of readers. It really drives home the problems that are being caused by warming climates by focusing on how this is affecting survival of people in different areas of the world. I really liked the way that Global Warming was interwoven with the fact that Bea’s dad worked for an oil company and the subtle link between the two.


Ele Fountain is an award-winning author, having also written Boy 87 and Lost. She has won the Southwark Book Award, Sefton Super Reads Award and Sheffield and Portsmouth Book Awards. She was also nominated for the Carnegie Medal for Boy 87.

Ele previously had a successful career as an editor of children’s books, which has been an excellent foundation in understanding the importance of creating books for young readers that are engaging, enlightening and entertaining.

Melt is available from all good Independent Book Shops and by clicking the link below:

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