The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde by Eve Chase

The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde is a story told in two perspectives: the past and the present, which makes it very interesting and draws the reader in even more. Jesse and her family find Applecote Manor, an old country house, that beckons to Jesse from the very beginning. She thinks that buying the house and moving to the country is just what her blended family needs. She has a new husband that she adores, a teenaged step-daughter who is dealing with the loss of her mother and a new baby. After much convincing on Jesse’s part,the family buy Applecote Manor and begin their new life. The house is in need of lots of TLC, as the previous owner was too old to keep everything in good condition. Little does Jesse know that Applecote Manor is hiding secrets.

Flashback to 1959. Margot, Pam, Flora and Dot, four sisters who have always spent their summers at Applecote Manor with their Aunt, Uncle and Cousin Audrey, are suddenly given the news that they are to go and live at Applecote Manor while their mother takes a job abroad. The girls are apprehensive as it’s been five years since their last visit to the manor; five years since their cousin Audrey, who was 12 at the time, mysteriously vanished without a trace. Upon arrival, they find things are not the same at Applecote Manor. Their aunt and uncle have become reclusive; the ghost of Audrey is everywhere. This particularly affects Margot, who was closest to Audrey. The summer becomes a tangle of events that will eventually lead to what Margot believes is the truth of what happened to Audrey. But is it? An attempted murder is carried out, threats and pacts are made and many voyages of self discovery and growth fill the summer.

Fifty years later and Jesse and her step daughter learn the story of Audrey’s disappearance, giving them feelings of misgiving about Applecote Manor. Bella, the step daughter begins acting strangely toward her little sister Romy, a mysterious woman is seen staring at the house on several occasions and then a body is found. Is this the missing Audrey? What really happened to her? How is the past connected to the present and does the mysterious woman have anything to do with it?

The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde is a fantastic story of mystery and intrigue that kept me on the edge of my seat from the very first page. It really had me guessing and second guessing what I thought I had figured out! This is definitely a book for anyone who enjoys a good mystery! I’m really thrilled to have been given the opportunity to review this book.

Click the link below to get your copy.

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