Anushka by Janey Louise Jones

Anushka is a breath of fresh air! She’s a hip, trendy teenager for our times. Anushka wants to make the world a better place and will stop at nothing to reach her goal.

When Anushka Belinsky is sent to New York to a new school, it doesn’t take her long to rock the boat. At first it’s just a little wobble, but soon becomes a wild ride in a tumultuous sea! Anushka is investigating a cosmetic company called Pink Ivy for their unethical sourcing practices. When she discovers that all of the girls in her new school are blogging about these cosmetics and spend all of their time giving each other makeovers instead of having proper lessons, the inquisitive girl reporter can’t help but become suspicious. With the help of her new friend Jane, Anushka is soon on the way to finding outage truth behind all the actions of the other girls and the Headmaster.

Join Anushka schoolgirl reporter as she tries to solve the mystery and set the world to rights. Can she do it? Why has this school that has a long history of academia suddenly become a beauty academy? Find out in this brilliant tale!

I really enjoyed this book. It brought back fond memories of reading Nancy Drew when I was a kid. I also love the environmentally conscious theme as well.

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