The Puffin Keeper by Michael Morpurgo; illustrated by Benji Davies

The Puffin Keeper is a beautiful story of friendship, love, family, hope and new beginnings. Inspired by family holidays to the Scilly Isles and as a tribute to Puffin Publishing on their 80thbirthday, this is the story of a young boy named Allen and the friendship he forges with solitary Benjamin Postlethwaite, the lighthouse keeper who saves his life. 

The ship that young Allen and 30 others are sailing on becomes washed up on some rocks near the lighthouse, Benjamin saves them all and give them shelter until help can come. Although he doesn’t have much to say, Benjamin and Allen sow the seeds of a friendship that will last a lifetime.

As years go by, Allen grows up and seeks out Benjamin. He returns to Puffin Island and rekindles his friendship with Benjamin, who is feeling unwanted as he no longer has the job of keeping the lighthouse going. Together, they rescue an injured puffin and nurse it back to health. Overtime, the puffin returns and brings more puffins to the island. Thus Benjamin becomes known as the puffin keeper.

This story is so beautiful and heart-warming. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It will appeal to readers of all ages.

This book will be released in July 2021.

You can pre-order a copy of this brilliant book by clicking on the link above or from you local bookshop.

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