Inspector White Tip: A Watcher’s Mistake The Case of the Missing Skinny Hind by S. Eden as told by O. Eden

Book of the Month March 2021

Have you ever wondered what you cat gets up to when you aren’ t with them? Do they have a secret life that we don’t know about or do they just sleep all the time? Well, wonder no more; the mystery has been solved thanks to S. Eden and O. Eden.

Inspector White Tip: A Watcher’s Mistake The Case of the Missing Skinny Hind is not your ordinary detective story. In this story, all of the characters are cats and the story is told by Inspector White Tip, a wise cat who will do anything to protect his patch and its inhabitants. He is a bit of a loner, but he does have his friends Stripes, his watcher; Curly Whiskers, his whisperer and Skinny Hind who lives near his patch.

When Stripes approaches him one night to ask for his help, Inspector White Tip is happy to help. Stripes tells him that Skinny Hind is missing and hasn’t been seen for three days. To make matters worse, the neighbourhood bully One Fang and his gang have been hanging around Skinny’s patch. Thus begins the case of a lifetime for Inspector White Tip.

To solve the mystery of the missing Skinny, Inspector White Tip will need every ounce of wisdom, courage and trust that he has. He will have to face enemies old and new, battle One Fang and his gang and outwit the Cat Council. Will this be the mission that ends Inspector White Tip’s career or will he solve the mystery of his life?

Inspector White Tip: A Watcher’s Mistake The Case of the Missing Skinny Hind is the debut novel from S. Eden. Fabulously told from the viewpoint of a cat, this book ranks right up there with some of the best. It’s full of suspense, danger and excitement, while also focusing on the values of friendship, loyalty and trust. One of my favourite books of all time is Varjak Paw by S.F. Said; Inspector White Tip has just moved up there with it. The story is told with such vivid detail and realistic ideas that the reader becomes engrossed in Inspector White Tip’s story, so much so that you become convinced that it could be real.

Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this book to any reader who loves cats, mystery, crime and adventure, no matter what age.

Click on the link above to buy this fantastic book.

You can also follow the adventures of Inspector White Tip on Twitter @InspectorTip

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