The Treasure in the Tower by Rob Keeley

Rob Keeley does it again with another fantastic book for children! I have long admired his writing. His award winning Spirits Series was fantastic and The Treasure in the Tower continues his fabulous story telling abilities.

A school trip for Jess and her friends to an historic town doesn’t start out to be the most exciting prospect for a school holiday. That is until the coach makes a picnic stop for lunch and the children visit a local market. At the market, they meet some interesting characters and find a book that reveals there is a secret treasure hidden in the town of Deanchester where they are headed.

A race to find the hidden treasure soon begins with Jess and her friends and their rival Perdita who must win at all costs. Along the way, the children learn some very interesting things about the historic town without realising what’s actually happening while on their quest. Will Jess and her friends find the treasure first? What will it be? You’ve got to read this fab book to find out the answers.

I really loved the way that history was incorporated throughout this whole story in a way which will appeal to children in the form of the treasure hunt. It was also lovely to see how the characters in the story learned the colourful story of Deanchester in an interesting way. I am very excited to share this book with my class of Year 4 children in the new year!

A five star triumph from Rob Keeley.

Thank you to Rob and Matador Publishing for giving me the opportunity to review this wonderful book.

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