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In a world where social media has become all important, this YA/Adult contemporary fiction novella explores its darker side. Definitely not a book for children! The stories and lives of the characters in this riveting book are all interweaved, leading to an exciting, yet unexpected climax.

Sebastian and his wife have gone from being extremely wealthy to virtually destitute and are barely co-exisiting. He is so desperate to find job that he comes up with a plan that will almost guarantee him riches again. He creates a false persona on the social media site Myface, thus begins a downward spiral of lies, deceit, infidelity, and evil that will eventually lead to murder.

When Hollywood socialite Angela Fox appears on Myface, she is an instant hit with everyone. Everyone wants to know her and be like her. The only problem is, she isn’t real. She is Sebastian’s creation. She immediately gains millions of followers and admirers. However, when a play director ends up murdered, things begin to get out of control.

Who, from the web of strangers that Angela has gathered who are strong to escape from a web of narcissism, deceit and revenge, committed the heinous act. Buckle up and get ready for a ride that will keep you guessing until the very last moment and thirsty to find out what will happen next.

Myface by Kevin Landt is truly a story of our time and drives home the scary side of social media and how it can prey on vulnerable people.

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About the Author

Kevin Landt lives in a sun-drenched city. He devotes one third of his life to lying horizontally in an unconscious stat. The remaining time is spent obeying his publicist, who insists that every contemporary author must send out a newsletter. Kevin has experienced, lived, and worked in and amongst Hollywood elite. He attended UCLA in 2004, when Facebook starts to become a thing and by 2011, he had grown disillusioned with social media. Myface started life as a satirical screenplay and has recently been adapted into a novella inspired by the film Sunset Strip.

Myface is published by Ripland Publishing

Available in paperback and e-book formats.

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