Gordon the Gremlin by Lizzie Exton, Illustrated by Tom Exton

Welcome to the first stop on the Blog Tour for this exciting new book from Lizzie Exton, Gordon the Gremlin!

This is Gordon. Gordon lives under the floorboards and hides in the walls of his humans’ house. Gordon is very naughty and LOVES to cause trouble. He lives the perfect life, until….something changes dramatically. His humans move away, leaving the house empty. What will Gordon do now? He hides away under the covers in his den, sulking and lonely. He promises never to be naughty again if he can have some new humans. Will his wish be granted?

When some new people move in, Gordon is so excited and happy! The new humans bring an extra surprise with them–a small child! Can Gordon keep his promise to never be naughty again or will temptation get the best of him? Find out what happens to Gordon and how he solves his problem in this brilliant, beautifully illustrated book that is perfect for younger children.

Gordon the Gremlin is a truly loveable character in spite of his naughtiness. The story is so well written that the reader actually feels sorry for Gordon when he loses his humans (at least I did!) With Halloween just around the corner, this is the perfect ‘scary’ book for little ones.

I highly recommend this book with its colourful illustrations and loveable, naughty main character. I look forward to enjoying many more fabulous tales from Lizzie Exton.

Gordon the Gremlin is released on 15th October 2020, Get your copy here: https://www.tinytreebooks.co.uk/

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