The Story of Babushka by Catherine Flores; illustrated by Ana Beatriz Marques

Most people around the world are familiar with Babushka and the many tales around her. However, this is a completely unique telling. Catherine Flores has, with The Story of Babushka, established herself as a master storyteller!

What is the true meaning of life? This is the underlying theme throughout the story. One morning, Babushka decides that she needs to find the answer to this timeless question. Little does she know the difficulties that every part of her will have to face along the journey.

Inside each of us, as inside Babushka, we are made of individual parts and qualities. As each part of Babushka leaves to search for the true meaning of life, we meet each part of ourselves as well. After lots of searching, the parts of Babushka begin to realise that to be truly whole we must explore all of our parts. Throughout the journey, each part of Babushka learns that they need to be together to find true happiness.

There are so many themes running throughout this book; family, environment,love,friendship and more. The illustrations are beyond compare and bring the story to life and off of the pages. It is a book that the reader can become wholly immersed in and LIVE the story.

I can’t recommend this book enough. I am so looking forward to sharing this book with my classes for many years to come!

I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to review this book. Thanks to Catherine.

5 stars for The Story of Babushka.


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