The Bum That Barked written by Elisa Peacock illustrated by Rowena Aitken

I’m thrilled to be today’s stop on blog tour for The Bum That Barked one of the newest offerings from Tiny Tree Publishing.

Attention! Attention! There’s a new superstar in town! Introducing Bongo the singing dog’s bum!

As Bean the dog was going for his daily walk, he discovered that his bum could talk! His bottom’s name was Bongo and he had big dreams of becoming a star; but first he had to convince Bean. Together they devised a plan-Bean would be a ventriloquist of sorts and mime the words while Bongo sang. They practiced and worked hard until they were perfect. Finally, the night of their big performance arrived. Unfortunately all of their hard work runs the risk of coming unravelled when Bean gets nervous. Read this fabulously funny book to find out what happens.

The Bum That Barked is a rip-roaring romp of epic proportions that will have your young readers rolling about laughing. It’s packed full of rhyming text and beautiful, brightly coloured illustrations for everyone to enjoy. A story of teamwork, friendship and making your dreams come true. I highly recommend The Bum That Barked for the whole family.

The Bum that Barked is available here:

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