Blaze Dog Detective: The Magic Flag Mystery by Lin Anderson & Donald McKay

I have been given the honour of reading this lovely book, the first in a series of new detective books for children featuring Blaze the Border Collie, his younger brother Laoch and their friends, both human and animal. While the main characters are real, their adventures are fictitious.

The real Blaze

This book has everything you could possibly want in a children’s book: mystery, adventure, crimes to solve, adorable animals and larger than life characters, set in a real-life setting. As a crime & mystery buff, I delved into this book with great gusto and anticipation. I was NOT disappointed!

This is the story of Blaze, a Border Collie who lives on the Isle of Skye with his little brother Laoch and their human Dad. He is known on the island for his amazing sniffing abilities and often visits the local school to give demonstrations of his skills. Blaze has lots of friends, including Granny Beaton, Rory and his new friend Rosa. Blaze discovers that he and Rosa can communicate with each other through their thoughts, forging a very strong bond between the two.

When the Fairy Flag belonging to Clan MacLeod is stolen from Castle Dunvegan, the local Police call on Blaze to help them solve the crime with his super sniffing. Blaze and his team spring into action! Through a series of clues, and a few red herrings, will the team be able to solve the mystery and recover the Fairy Flag? You’ve got to read it to find out!

I really enjoyed this book, as it brought back childhood memories of another lovable Border Collie, Lassie and her adventures. Also, having visited Scotland on many holidays, the setting came to life as I read. I can’t wait to share this book with the children in my class as soon as schools return to normal. I know they’re going to love it as much as I did!

Blaze Dog Detective: The Magic Flag Mystery is available from today as an e-book from Amazon. It will be available in other formats as soon as things get back to their normal state. In the meantime, why not follow Blaze and his real-life adventures on Twitter

You can also learn more about the author Lin Anderson here:

Blaze and Laoch
Blaze figures it out.

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