The Vigilante Tooth Fairy by BB Taylor, Illustrated by James Shaw

It has been an absolute honour to be given the opportunity to read the smashing new offering from BB Taylor, The Vigilante Tooth Fairy in advance and be part of this Blog Tour. BB is a talented, creative author, who has given us yet another brilliant tale.

The Vigilante Tooth Fairy is the story of an unlikely hero named Mouse, who overcomes lots of challenges to save the day. Mouse is a fairy, the tiniest fairy in all of Tooth. She dreams of being a Tooth Fairy like all of the others, but she is just too small. However, one day, she overhears a meeting led by The Grand High Fairy and discovers some horrifying news–the magic that keeps Tooth alive is running out! She then decides to set off on her own on a mission to save all of Tooth and the other fairies.

Mouse travels to the home of a little girl, Faith, with a plan of action that will break Fairy rules, but she is determined to help. With the help of Faith, perseverance and the knowledge that Faith believes in her, Mouse puts her plan into action with surprising results.

This is a story that is full of life lessons that leaves the reader feeling full of joy. You can’t help but fall in love with Mouse and take away some of her courage, determination and faith. Mouse learns that as long as somebody, like her good friend Faith, believes in you, you can do anything. The most heartwarming story to come along in a good while. However, don’t take my word for it. Here are the reviews written by Kestrel Class, my Year 4 class after we read the book together. They’re the real experts.

I love the book because it builds suspense. My favourite part is when Mouse found out that laughter has the same effect as teeth and saved Tooth. Amazon, age 9

I thought the book was very interesting. Mouse though she was going to Fairy Jail but Grand Old Fairy said that she was going to have a worse punishment, which actually was the best job of all! Amira, age 9

I really, really liked this book because there was a tiny land just for fairies. I also liked how `mouse was trying to save Tooth and the illustrations were great. This book is excellent. Shaheda, age 9

The best part of the books was when Mouse though she was going to Fairy Jail but actually she was given the most important job of all as a reward for saving Tooth. Nafi, age 8

I love this book! I love how Mouse is so cheeky, she is such a rebel, breaking the rules. I also like how the Grand Old Fairy rewarded her instead of punishing her. This book gets 5 stars. Sameeha, age 9

I liked the book because it was about a fairy called Mouse. She had to save the fairies because they lost all of their magic. She saved them with the magic volcano. This book was so excellent. Imad, age 8

First the fairies had magic and everything was normal, everything was going right. But when the children stopped believing and putting their teeth under their pillows, they had no magic. If they had no magic, they would all be gone. It was a magical story full of emotions and feelings. It was excellent. Maisha, age 8

This book is really good and my favourite character was Mouse because she found new magic and saved Tooth. I recommend everyone to read this book Kevim, age 9

I also passed the book onto some younger children to read and this is what they had to say:

I loved the fairy. She is cute. She is very beautiful. I like your book so much. My mummy read it to me. Anayah, age 5.

I love your book and I really like Tooth as the name for the place. I enjoyed it, it was adventurous. I found the pictures very fun. I think maybe you should write the Vigilante Tooth Fairy number 2. Arsalan, age 7

So there you have it folks, out of the mouths of babes. This book was loved and enjoyed by both girls and boys of a variety of ages. We love, love, LOVE this book. It is destined to become a classic.

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