Maverick Early Readers Red Band

Kestrel Class has been very lucky to be able to review some of the newest releases by Maverick Books in their Early Reader Red Band. As a teacher, I am always impressed by how well the children react to the books from Maverick, regardless of the level. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Get That Broom! and Fizz! Wizz! by Katie Dale, Illustrated by Lindsay Dale-Scott

Rummaya: I love it when the broom gets out of control and all of the animals try to catch it. It takes lots of animals to stop the broom so that the witch can get it back. Animals chasing a broom through the zoo is really funny! In the second story it’s good because everyone is making wishes with Nell’s wand and they’re all wishing for their favourite snacks. I think young kids will like this book because it’s easy to read. 5/5

Brooke: I really loved this book because I love animals and witches. Everyone is doing magic and causing lots of trouble with the broom. It’s a bit silly because the animals all ride the broom. I think it’s an excellent book. 5/5

We Can Do It and The Big Jump by Jenny Jinks, Illustrated by Laura Estrada Ferraz

Thakleema: All the animals thought they were the strongest because they were big, but they weren’t. It was the tiny ants who worked together to move the log. The other animals thought they couldn’t do it but they did. I like it because the ants believed in themselves and got the job done. The skateboarding animals in The Big Jump were so cute! I liked the monkey the best. This book was fun to read and I am going to read it to my baby brother and little sister. 5/5

I am Strong! and Pet Rock by Allison Donald, Illustrated by Camilla Frescura

Amira: My thoughts about this book are that it was brilliant because it had fun words and I had fun while reading it. Reading means everything to me and this book makes me think I need to make this author and book in front of all my favourite books and authors to make them my favourites! I’m proud of you Allison Donald, Congratulations! I give this book an excellent! 5/5


I Am Quicker! and Greedy Gull by Katie Dale, Illustrated by Forrest Burdett

Ladislav: This book was really good because it had big print. I am visually impaired but I could see the words without my teacher making the book bigger for me. It was about a family who had a race and Tom won but he cheated! The Greedy Gull was taking everybody’s food but then a dog scared him and he flew away. It was funny when the dog scared him. He was being a bad gull. I loved these stories! 5/5













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