Dino Wars: The Gladiator Games by Dan Metcalfe

I’ve been waiting for this third instalment of the Dino Wars series since reviewing Dino Wars: The Trials of Terror. As full of action-packed adventure as it’s predecessors, it did not disappoint!

Continuing their journey to collect the Dilotron Crystals they need to shut down the Coda Program and save the world, Adam Caine and his rag-tag band of humans and dinosaurs find themselves facing their toughest challenge yet.

While travelling to the Valley of the Ornithopods to collect the final crystal they need, the group is intercepted by a group of Troodons. Led by the hilarious figure of Klint, who is the dinosaur version of a cowboy, the troodons capture Chloe, Tuppence and S’Ariah. The girls are taken to Rextopia where they are sold to fight in the Gladiator Games.

What fate awaits our heroes? Can girl power save the day? Will the final crystal be found in time? There’s only one way to find out–read this fantastic, thrill-a-minute book. It will leave you dying to know what happens next! Hurry up and give us the next one please.

Kestrel Class says:

Danny: Dinosaurs and humans working together to save the world is fabulous! I wish I lived in this book and could go on Adam’s adventures.

Sammie: One of the best books ever! I love dinosaurs and quests. I want to read all of these books.

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