Buttercup Sunshine and the House on Hangman’s Hill by Colin Mulhern

Butterup Sunshine thought she had her hands full with a zombie invasion, during which her beloved Gran turned into a zombie. Things couldn’t possible get worse could they? Of course they could!

As Buttercup races to warn the townspeople of the impending zombie invasion that is heading their way, she bumps into the postman. He tasks her with the delivery of a package to the mysterious house on Hangman’s Hill, which was never there before! Reluctantly she agrees. Arriving at the house, she encounters even more trouble in the form of Dr. Frankenstein.

Will Buttercup ever be able to stop the zombie invasion and save the world from Dr. Frankenstein too? Find out in this hilariously terrifying book from Colin Mulhern.

Kestrel Class thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. They found it funny and packed full of surprises and adventure. Buttercup is the perfect heroine for this series of books.

Sameeha, age 8: I really loved this book. Buttercup Sunshine is so funny and brave at the same time. She takes on the bad guys and isn’t scared. Hurray for Buttercup Sunshine!

Tayyibah, age 8: I wish I could go on adventures with Buttercup Sunshine. She gets to fight zombies and monsters plus she’s funny.

Kevin, age 8: I thought this book was going to be good as soon as I saw the cover and I was right. It was such a surprise when Buttercup went to the house and found Frankenstein with his monster. Then she needed to go and tell everyone about the zombies. There were just so many monsters! I loved it!

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