Maverick Books New Early Reader Titles

Guard Goose by Elizabeth Dale, Illustrated by Giusi Capizzi

Gertie the Goose loves life on her farm but she feels like she isn’t as useful as all of the other animals. She tries to help by doing the jobs that other animals do, like crowing to wake people up, herding sheep and cooking the farmer’s dinner. Unfortunately, she only makes messes and gets told to go away. Just when she is at her lowest, something terrible happens and it’s up to Gertie to save the day. Can she do it? Will she find the perfect job? Find out in this lovely tale with bright, colourful illustrations. My class laughed at Gertie’s adventures and cheered at the ending.

Poppy, age 9: I think Gertie was very brave and I was happy that she saved the day.

Mahdi, age 9: Gertie was silly at first but she finally figured out what to do.

The Llama’s Pyjamas by Jenny Jinks, Illustrated by Addy Rivera Sonda

What do you do if you’re a llama and you get too hot? This is the problem that Larry has, so he shaves off all of his wool. However, this only creates another problem–now he’s too cold. What can he do? His friend Edna knits him some pyjamas of course! Then everybody wants pyjamas too! This funny, heart-warming story is beautifully illustrated and a great read for readers who are becoming confident.

Rita, age 8: I like that Larry got some pyjamas and all the other llamas wanted them too.

Skye, age 9: I’d like some pyjamas like Larry’s. They look nice and warm. It was a funny story.

The Flamingo Flap by Jill Atkins, Illustrated by Kelly Breemer

A story of true friendship, Flamingo Flap is the story of Flick the flamingo, who has hurt her wing. The flamingos need to move to a bigger pool, so they set off flying. However, Flick can’t fly because she has hurt her wing, so she’s upset that she can’t go. Her friend Flash says he’ll stay behind and they can walk. Her wing starts to feel better thankfully because then Flash hurts his foot. Will the two friends ever make it to the new pond? Another fantastic offering from Maverick Books.

Vanessa, age 9: It was great that the flamingoes were such good friends and helped each other. It’s like me and my friends. The pictures were really good too.

Samir, age 9: The flamingos were so helpful and kind. I was glad that they got to the pond.

All of the Early Reader Books from Maverick are fantastic. I really enjoy sharing them with my class. The children enjoy reading them and sharing them with their Reception Reading Buddies as well. They are always bright and colourful with great stories.

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