The Sword of the Spirit by Rob Keeley

The Sword of the Spirit is an amazing story about a young girl, Ellie, who can travel into the spirit world and a lost knight, who needs to right a wrong before he can rest in peace.

Ellie has recently moved to a medieval castle where a group of architects are searching for a famous sword. While out walking one day, Ellie hears hoofbeats coming across the field. Enter Sir Francis, a knight of old, who has travelled through time. A festival is being held at the castle, so Ellie slips him in as an actor playing the role of a knight; only she knows what’s really going on. She must figure out why he is there and help him return to his own time. With the help of some ghosts that she met on a previous adventure and some of her friends, can she help Sir Francis return to his own time and keep the world as we know it safe? Messing in the spirit world can be a very dangerous game as Ellie soon finds out.

This book is full of adventure and history. Vivid descriptions create a world that transports the reader in to the story. If you like stories of knights and castles, then this is one for you. I really liked this story and need to read the rest of the series now, as I found the high-spirited character of Ellie very refreshing. I also loved the historical and supernatural elements of the book. A perfect read from Rob Keeley!

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