Ant Clancy Games Detective by Ruth Morgan

Video game adventures galore! Ant Clancy Games Detective by Ruth Morgan is a must read for ay games enthusiast. Ant Clancy is a typical boy who loves playing his favourite video game, Kismet Cosmos, even if it is old and out of fashion. But when a new game comes along called Ray-Chay, it’s up to Ant and his friends to save the day.

Ray-Chay is the latest craze in the gaming world, everyone is playing-even the adults. However, Ant just can’t see to see the attraction. He’d rather stick to his old favourite. A huge event is planned for a Ray-Chay tournament to be played worldwide, involving thousands of players. Unfortunately, something terrible happens to some of the players in Ant’s town. Can Ant use his old game to save the day and stop something even more terrible from happening?

This book is full of action, adventure, good vs. evil and lots of fun! Anyone who loves gaming will love this story as it is very realistic and modern. You feel part of the action!

5 stars for Ruth Morgan!

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