The Freezosaurus by Jenny Jinks, illustrated by Daniel Limon

ER-The-Freezosaurus-Cover-NYF-LR-RGB-JPEG-1  Aimed at confident readers, The Freezosaurus is from the Early Readers Gold Band from Maverick Books.  Everyone dreams of having a pet dinosaur, but what would happen if you actually got one?  Freddie is crazy about dinosaurs and is extremely excited to go to the museum with his class.  There is a huge dinosaur exhibit that he wants to see.  Freddie finds an unusual egg and puts it in his backpack for safe-keeping.  When the egg hatches, the friendship of a lifetime begins.  Freddie and his baby dinosaur Frozo become the best of friends, but what will happen when Frozo gets to big to live with Freddie anymore?

A lovely story with eye-catching illustrations, The Freezosaurus will appeal to dinosaur lovers everywhere.

Mahdi, age 8 says:

When I read the first sentences, it started to hook me in.  I wanted to know what was going to happen to Freddie and Frozo.  I loved it so much I read it twice! I also really liked the cover and the title.

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