The Magical Kingdom of Birds: The Ice Swans by Anne Booth

birds   While walking through Waterstone’s Edinburgh on a recent getaway, the wonderful cover of this book caught my eye. The twinkling glitter shouted “Buy me!”  I was also intrigued as I had read books by the author Anne Booth previously and really enjoyed them, so I knew this book would be no different.  This series of books was unknown to me, but this book did not disappoint.

A charming, heart-warming story of a young girl, Maya, who is coming to terms with the fact that her older sister has gone away to university, leaving her feeling lonely and sad.  Maya is getting ready to go ice skating when she decides to look inside her special colouring book while she gathers the courage to try skating for the first time.  The book is special because it is the magical link to the Kingdom of Birds, where Maya has travelled to before. You see, Maya has a secret; she is the Keeper of the Book and must help the Fairy Princess regain control of her kingdom from her evil uncle.

A spell has been cast over the kingdom causing everything to become unusually cold, freezing the swans into statues. Maya knows that it is up to her to save the swans and the kingdom from becoming frozen forever. Does Maya have the courage to overcome her weaknesses and help good triumph over evil?

This is a delightful story about courage, determination and over-coming barriers. Maya is a strong character who proves that nothing can stand in your way if you are brave enough.  It is beautifully written and includes fabulous illustrations by Rosie Butcher. I loved the way that there was so much extra information at the end of the book about the different kinds of birds featured in the book, as well as activities to complete with children linked to the book. This is the second book in the wonderful series, with the third due out soon.

5 stars for Anne Booth and The Magical Kingdom of Birds: The Ice Swans
























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