Across the Divide by Anne Booth


I couldn’t put this book down as I was so hooked from the first words!  Caught in the middle of two worlds, faced with dilemmas that could rip apart her world, Olivia has no idea what to do.  When her mother ends up in jail, Olivia ends up on the Island of Lindisfarne where she must rebuild her relationship with her Dad, all the while dealing with internal conflicts. Will she be able to find a solution and become whole again? With the help of a mysterious boy, she might just be able to do it.

Olivia’s mum is a Peace Activist who has always stood up for what she believes in.  When the school decides to start  new Cadet group that Olivia wants to join, all kinds of trouble starts.  Friends and family turn against one another and Olivia’s mum ends up in jail.  That’s when she travels to Lindisfarne to spend some time with her dad. Here is where she meets William, a boy close to her own age who is facing challenges of his own.  As their friendship blossoms, they help each other with their problems.  There is, however, a surprising twist where William is concerned.

Across the Divide is a stunning story that is honest in its portrayal of today’s world.  The characters are completely believable and will have you totally immersed in their stories. Anne Booth is truly one of today’s greatest story tellers.

5***** for Across the Divide.

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